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Company profile

Company PANACEA was founded by the entry into the Business Register on 24.9.1997.

Our goal is to provide customers high-quality medical devices that meet the demanding criteria of regulatory requirements and are properly registered at the State Institute for Drug Control. On this basis, the company decided in 2004 to certify its quality management system according to norm ISO 13485:2012 Medical devices, Quality management systems, Requirements for regulatory purposes and subject to the all required conditions it has been granted the certificate of quality in the manufacture and distribution of medical devices and first-aid kits. Introduction and operation of system is reviewed every year by regular periodic audit and every three years by complete recertification audit to guarantee the proper functioning of system and its continuous improvement, which is one of our goals.

The company is based in its own production premises that meet the health regulations and laws on workers and create favorable conditions for production of high-quality medical devices.

The company currently employs 14 workers, 7 of them with reduce work abilities (RWA). Given the employment of RWA coworkers and regulation compliance as required by law, the company was granted the status of a sheltered workshop. On this basis, we can help you meet the requirement of the Law no. 5/2004 Coll. as amended, which imposes an obligation to employ citizens with RWA of compulsory share according to § 63 para. 1) point. d). According to § 64. 1) the obligation can be met, inter alia, also by purchase of products and services from the sheltered workshop or workplace.

We place importance on prompt satisfaction of requirements of our customers, quality of our products and continuous improvement and progress of company via feedback.

our three main actions

Panacea company constantly evolves and brings novelties to its customers to improve services and to expand production by development of new products and expansion of offer.


The largest Slovak manufacturer of first aid kits with own production and warehouse space. The market leader in mandatory equipment.

Panacea Doplnky Do Auta
Wholesale, store and e-shop with car accessories. Over 15 000 items in warehouse, the possibility of a personal collection and professional advice.

Panacea Promotion
Printing and advertising studio - digital printing, screen printing, production of resin stickers, graphic studio, creative team, products and tailored advertising.

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